Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Imagine what would happen if you took the gentle Canadian hippies behind Nadja’s blissful ambient drone-pop, locked them in a room stocked with Merzbow records, three used copies of “Streetcleaner,” and a drum machine, pumped them full of angel dust, tossed in a rabid wolverine or two, then sat back to watch the fun.

Sounds pretty interesting, right? Well, now imagine the aural equivalent, and you’re pretty close to what WINTERS IN OSAKA may sound like on any given day. That is, unless they’ve decided to indulge their powerviolent grindcore roots that morning, or gotten caught up in a swamp’s worth of drone-heavy doom after their afternoon siesta; perhaps they’re in the mood to worship the Sunn0))) well into the night. No matter what genre these Chicagoan noiseniks choose to explore, it’s safe to say that they’re going to do it a hell of a lot of justice, and inject some fresh venom into any number of dead scenes.

CATHARSIS PR is pleased to announce that we’ll be working with WINTER IN OSAKA to promote their particular strain of powernoise terrorism; keep your eardrums peeled for an upcoming split with BONGRIPPER, as well as a full-length due out in the early days of 2009.

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