Saturday, November 21, 2009

I write band bios sometimes.

Here's one I did for my friends in Salome ( - they SLAY).


Fort Awesome, Virginia’s slow-motion destroyers Salome came into being in 2006, after Kat and Aaron Deal decided to take their mutual love of Thorr’s Hammer and Khanate and start up a slow, heavy project of their own. Joined by Rob Moore on guitar, the trio started writing songs for what became their self-titled debut album. Salome was released in 2008 by Vendetta Records, and featured 45 minutes of pure sonic excess driven by Deal’s megalithic drumming, Moore’s soul-crushing riffs, and Kat’s cavernous roar. Drenched in feedback, downtuned to the point of no return, and tempered by moments of eerie calm, the four songs on Salome were nothing short of obliterating, and gained them a considerable amount of positive attention from the media and the fans alike.

A series of high-profile gigs followed, and saw Salome opening for doom god Wino’s solo project, sharing stages with the likes of Ocean, Black Anvil, and Woe as part of Pitchfork’s Show No Mercy series, and appearing at the inaugural edition of the Scion Rock fest alongside Neurosis, Mastodon, Boris, High on Fire, Nachtmystium, and dozens more. Vocalist Kat has also contributed guest vocals to a Pig Destroyer song (“Lost Cause” on 2004’s Terrifyer) and pulls double duty behind the mic in spazz grinders Agoraphobic Nosebleed.

In September 2009, Salome took their furiously cathartic live show on the road with Hull and Batillus on the aptly-christened “Beard Destroyers” tour, and a triumphant performance at Asheville, North Carolina’s Planet Caravan festival this past September saw them treading the boards with the immortals in Pentagram, Clutch, Wino, and dozens more. In addition, this past October they headed north to raise the dead on NYC’s Lower East Side as part of a high-profile Relapse Records/Brooklyn Vegan-sponsored CMJ showcase. They’ll be entering the studio in late 2009 to once again open up the gates of hell and record the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut, which will proudly be released by Profound Lore Records in the first half of 2010. In the meantime, fans hungry for new Salome material will have a new split 12” LP with Baton Rouge sludge fiends Thou and a Fugazi cover (recorded for Blind Date Records’ CLONE compilation LP) to chew on.

As purveyors of the avant-garde, the up-and-coming and the criminally talented, this highly respected Canadian label provides a perfect home for Salome’s punishing down-tempo doom, and sets the stage for bigger, meaner, heavier things to come. Salome’s future is dark with promise.

- Kim Kelly 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Recent goings on


I haven't updated this in roughly a thousand years - blame a transcontinental move and the bristling hydra of inconvenience, red tape, and worry that is attempting to graduate from my astronomically-priced private university. Since I last posted, I've sold my soul to Terrorizer Magazine; here's what they've sucked out of me to date:

2-page feature on GORGOROTH (conducted an interview with Infernus at this year's Hole in the Sky Fest in Norway!!!)
4-page COVER feature on Skeletonwitch (December '09 issue - look for it!)
1-page pieces on Secrets of the Moon, Urgehal, Arkona, Leaves' Eyes
2-page History of Mayhem for the Black Metal Special
Small writeups on Krakow, Evil Bebos, Argentinum Astrum
Small memorial piece on Chris Witchunter for Decade Special
A million album reviews (including one of the new IMMORTAL record)
A couple lists of things
Live review of Jesu/Caina in London, Saint Vitus in NYC, Scythian/Grave Miasma in Birmingham
2-page "Extremity in Metal" feature for the Decade Special
+ more things I've forgotten

Currently working on:
2-page feature on Death/Doom for an upcoming Death Metal Special
3-page EYEHATEGOD tour report
3-page Scene Reports: Philly, Richmond, San Francisco
and who knows what else!

I've also cranked out a 3500 word cover piece on Thrash in 2009 for Hails & Horns, as well as two 1000-word Year in Black Metal/Year in Doom wrapups.

After flying out to Antwerp to catch one of their last gigs for the next couple years and bonding hardcore with the lads over Duvell and fries, I'm working with AMEBIX on a super exciting new project - shhh ;)