Friday, August 8, 2008

Copremesis "Muay Thai Ladyboys"

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Unlike some of the other new albums I’ve been spinning this month (I’m looking at you, Klabautamann), NY’s Copremesis are anything but difficult to describe. Let’s break it down.

1. They’re from New York.
2. They like uber-explicit sexually-oriented artwork (i.e. titties and she-males).
3. They play goregrind and undoubtedly felt very much at home sharing a bill with bands like Pyrexia, The Day Everything Became Nothing, and Malignancy.

Any questions?

To be fair, there is a bit more to Copremesis than that (but just barely). The vocalist is ridiculous, even by goregrind’s unintelligible standards. Stomach-churning lows spew forth like human waste from the soiled bowels of Bangkok’s most disease-infested slums, and ride the crimson wave above a stock set of genre-approved riffs, grooves, and techy bits. I’ll admit, the “Thai” vocal interlude in the title track caught me off guard, but that momentary gibbering racket is about the only thing that stood out about this release.

You can tell that these dudes know what they’re doing; moments of technical ability and songwriting prowess shine through the slime, but usually end up buried under genre clichés. I love goregrind as much as the next girl (well…make that “a whole lot more than” the next girl, realistically-speaking) but Muay Thai Ladyboys is lacking that vital ingredient the band needs to separate from their vast mob of filthy-minded peers. Here’s hoping that Copremesis focuses more on songwriting and less on tranny porn (buy the CD and you’ll see what I mean) on their next effort.

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