Thursday, May 27, 2010


This just in:
NYC death metal brutes Mutant Supremacy have parted ways with guitarist Daniel Satanas; replacing him will be axeman Curt Johnson. The revitalized lineup is ready to lay waste to New York alongside Obliteration and Necromantheon on June 3rd at Fontana's.


For Those Of You That Couldn't Make ROADBURN This Year...

Walter - the heart, soul, and benevolent overlord of the mighty Roadburn apparatus, and the sweetest dude ever - just sent me this email about the new audio streams that just went up on the site. You can listen in and relive/catch up on the magic my boys in Nachtmystium, YOB, and a host of others laid down in the shadow of volcanic doom. Oh, and also - make sure to check out Shever's crushing witch doom rituals - this all-female Swiss outfit was a festival highlight for me. Awesome!

With a bunch of YOBs in Antwerp ost-'burn

First Roadburn 2010 audio webcasts now on line; performances by Nachtmystium, Yob, Earthless and Brant Bjork amongst others.

Finally, the volcanic dust has (almost) settled! For everyone no longer fighting short term memory loss and extreme fatigue caused by sleep deprivation and sensory overload, get ready to re-live the highlights of Roadburn Festival 2010.

For everyone who could not make it due to the mighty Eyjafjallajokull eruption, now is your time to enjoy the festival without any hassles. And for everyone who could not magically clone ourselves to simultaneously catch all of the action in the Bat Cave, Green Room, Midi Theatre and Main Hall and felt kind of bummed about it, cheer up!

We are pleased to announce that VPRO 3voor12, which is the leading cultural media network in the Netherlands, has posted additional on-demand audio streams for your Roadburn 2010 listening pleasure.

Online now! Performances by Brant Bjork, Earthless, Firebird, Horisont, Nachtmystium, Pagan Altar, Shever, Trinacria and Yob are currently available on-demand for free at:

As many of you already know, nearly all of the performances at Roadburn 2010 were recorded. Right now we are still busy mixing, but you can be sure that we will share the finished results with you as soon as they are ready!
For more info, please visit:

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Elise from Reign in Blonde told me to listen to Child Abuse, a new-ish NYC outfit that she wuvs. Here is my reaction to the song "Wrong Hole:"

"Oh god. this sounds like an angry fax machine. With Gremlins trapped inside. And possibly a small broken toy piano. And a machine gun. Oh my god is there a cat in there?! I think Disgorge are gangbanging Iwrestledabearonce in there...and someone isn't happy about it."

If that sounds like your bag, uh, check 'em out I guess.

I'm gonna go listen to Take As Needed For Pain again.

Monday, May 17, 2010

ALTAR OF PLAGUES/VELNIAS North American Tour Dates!

I have been waiting anxiously for these dates to be announced since the guys first told me they were coming to the States. We met, partied, and bonded hard at Roadburn earlier this spring, and not only is the black metal art they create nothing short of breathtaking, they are some of the sweetest, most ridiculously fun dudes I've met in a good long time. Also,I totally have a massive crush on the drummer, but that's neither here nor there, haha! Seriously, though, they are amazing live, and the shows they've got lined up are going to rule. That's a guarantee. I'm bummed I'll miss seeing them with Fell Voices, Worm Ourobouros, Kerasphorus (goddamnit Frisco!), Lake of Blood, Coffinworm, or Thou, but at least the East Coast gets 'em with Castevet (favorites 'round these parts). I might end up tagging along for a couple dates - we'll see how our respective tours line up.

ALTAR OF PLAGUES/VELNIAS North American Tour, Summer 2010

07/09 - Seattle, WA @The Fun House (w/ Mamiffer)
07/10 – Portland, OR @ Berbatis
07/11 - Salem, OR @ Burial Grounds (w/ Plutocracy, Fell Voices, Galdr, Ash Borer, Mania, Hell, Anadonius)
07/13 - Eugene, OR @ Warehouse (w/ Rye Wolves)
07/14 - Arcata, CA @ The Aloha House (w/ Fell Voices, Ash Borer)
07/16 - San Francisco, CA @ Elbo Room (w/ WORM OUROBOROS, Inquisition, Kerasphorous, Fell Voices)
07/17- Oakland, CA @ Your Haus (w/ Fell Voices, Elk, Lake of Blood)
07/19 - Salt Lake City, UT @ TBA
07/20 - Denver, CO @ Blast-O-Mat
07/21 - Dallas TEX, @ Phoenix project Collective
07/22 - Baton Rouge, LA @ Northgate Taverne (w/Thou, Barghest)
07/23 – New Orleans, LA @ Big Top (w/ Thou, Tirefire)
07/24 - Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn (w/Thou)
07/25 - Birmingham AL, @ The Firehouse (w/Thou)
07/26 - Greensboro, NC @ CFBG's
07/28 - Richmond, VA @ TBA
07/29 – Washington, DC @ DC 9
07/30 - Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar (w./CASTEVET)
07/31 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Neck Tie (w/ CASTEVET)

08/01 - Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool (w/ KRALLICE, CASTEVET)
08/03 – Boston, MA @ Great Scotts – Allston
08/05 – Columbus, OH @ The Summit
08/06 - Indianapolis, IN @ The Dojo (w/ COFFINWORM)
08/07 – Chicago, IL @ The Shaker