Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This band fucking rules, and carry the torch for true soul-defiling Canadian war metal. Their new record, All Idols Fall Before the Hammer, is out now on Dark Descent Records; cop that shit here.

1. Canadian extreme metal is becoming more and more recognized within the global metal scene. What are a few bands you feel are still overlooked, or that you'd like to recommend?

1) Well to name a few in no particular order Dead Of Winter, Witchmark, Lych, Sentient,
Antediluvian, Mitochondrion, Nuclear Hammer and Horde Of Worms…

2. Canadian war metal (Revenge, Conqueror, Blasphemy etc) is incredibly highly-regarded in the underground. How closely do you as a band identify with that particular group? You share a similar sound and aesthetic to many of the bands that fall under that umbrella.

2) While we don’t consider ourselves part of any group (simply because of our ideology)
we are proud to come from this country’s underground. We are glad if in time we slowly
become and are considered part of Canada’s extreme (and extremist) musical legacy.

That being said we strive for originality and tried to develop our sound and lyrical
aesthetic away from any outside influence including being part of ANY scene. The name
Adversarial was chosen for a reason…

3. Tell me a bit about the writing and recording process for All Idols Fall Before the Hammer!

3) Ok, well the writing was done by me over a period of about a year (other than the re-
recorded demo tracks which were done before) in which the songs changed constantly
until they ended up roughly as what was finally recorded.
During band rehearsals a few more changes were made stemming from suggestions by
E.K and M.M, recording began soon after.
Decisions were made about how we wanted to record and the resulting abrasive, fuck off,
claustrophobic sound was born.

4. What would you say is the band's main purpose as a musical entity? What is your message?

4) This band stands as an affront to almost everything and everyone alive today. This
band is war.
It’s the outcome of our characters and ideals, and personally it’s an outlet for my own
battle and beliefs.
The message is there for all who care to read our lyrics…

On a final note, thanks for the interest man, and for those who care be on the lookout for
future releases very soon including a split with the mighty ANTEDILUVIAN (on NWN!)
and a re-release of our demo plus some extras on Dark Descent.