Monday, August 11, 2008


MUNICIPAL WASTE (w/At the Gates, July 9/10)
Live @ Irving Plaza *for Metal Maniacs
Kim Kelly

After the balls-out blackened thrash attack that was Toxic Holcaust, a heaping shovelful of Municipal Waste was just what the doctor ordered. Opening up with the disgustingly-catchy “Headbanger Face Rip” (I totally see zombies in my head whenever that song comes on), Richmond’s favored sons proceeded to practice what they preach, shredding off faces left and right and kicking up one of the most joyously sloppy circle pits I’ve ever seen. Seriously, would it have killed the bouncers to throw down some paper towels? I almost decapitated myself while circling it up to “Unleash the Bastards,” and seeing kids careen across the slippery floor in time to Ryan Waste’s destructive thrash riffs was almost as much fun as watching Tony and Landphil’s onstage antics. The Inebriator was sadly absent, as were the boogie boards and wizard hats that make this band so much fun at smaller shows, but the ‘Waste still managed to bring their trademark manic, beer-fueled energy to the bigger stage. Perhaps as a token of respect for their esteemed stagemates, Municipal Waste stepped up their performance a notch (which was about what one might expect from the band who wrote “Guilty of Being Tight”), and ripped through a speedy set of favorites. “Sadistic Magician,” “Terror Shark,” “Beer Pressure,” and “Sweet Attack” all did their part to keep the crossover flag flying high. The crowd ate it up, especially the kids covered in D.R.I. patches and the two dudes who came all the way up from Miami for the show only to have their boogie boards confiscated at the door (sick burn!). Municipal Waste’s high-octane blend of thrash and crusty hardcore punk may have befuddled some of the older ‘heads, but goddamn did it get the crowd pumped up. The epic closer, “Born to Party,” tore the place to shreds as the now-famous chant of “Municipal Waste is gonna fuck – you- UP!!” rang loud and proud up to the rafters. And fuck us up, they did; I’ve still got bruises. Party squad, unite!

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