Thursday, June 20, 2013

More new tunes.

Twitter has become such a useful, important social media tool, it's strange to think of how aimless and absurdist it once seemed. I've been on there, tweeting away (for better and sometimes for worse) since the site's first year of existence. I signed up at my nerdy college friend Conor's behest. When I asked him to explain the point, he had no real answer; he just told me that it would make sense eventually, and like any procrastination-happy college freshman, I was more than willing to give it time to pan out. Turns out, he was right. That purposeless, self-indulgent portal of microblogging frippery has become a global force, though, me being me, I just use it to discover and share new music. It's not the noblest or most interesting of causes, to be sure, but obsessive heavy metal fans are nothing if not myopic.

That being said, here's a bunch of rad new music I came across over the past week. A few of them were suggested by the nice people who read my tweets. How's that for a segue?
Dearly missed London friends getting all esoteric and drone-doomy.
Super aggro, techy-but-not-annoying death metal.
Instrumental tunes that underline the many meanings of "heavy."
Cold, strange, gothy post-punk from Oz. Shawn from Mitochondrion recommended it, and he's never wrong.
Remember that time Phil from Cobalt had a raw black metal project with Mike from Loss and IT FUCKING RULED? Me too.
Band of the Week! (as if I'm going to remember to do this weekly - oh, what mirth). Seriously though, these guys are fantastic atmospheric black metal that you really need to go listen to right goddamn now.
Band of the Week Too! Get into this RIGHT NOW because it's savage and raw and altogether irresistible. I mean..."black metal fuck hate occult sex Nashville" sums it up swimmingly.
More slow, contemplative atmospheric black metal from Canada. Vocals are great.
Sacryphyx is dead good lo-fi death/thrash with more melody than you'd expect. Kinda Arghoslenty, but with the added bonus of being racism-free (I think).
These guys are absolutely miserable. Good.
This is important!! A bunch of sweet bands got together to raise awareness and donate funds to Alzheimer's research. Buy buy buy.
Deep, dark, and depressing as shit. Grim and grimy, too.
Horrible cunts from Bristol making horrible cuntish doom. It's got pretty parts too though, so bring your boyfriend along.
Everything James Brown touches turns to filthy lucre, and Moloch (Ukr) are wonderful.
The Moloch/Ensorcelor split is out! Buy it! Ensorcelor is one of the best things in North America, and I love UK Moloch too. I love all the Molochs.
Iron Bonehead never disappoint, and that new Bolzer joint is absofuckinglutely essential.

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Mike Allan said...

You pretty much rule for all this.