Saturday, June 8, 2013


I keep spending way too much time on forums, and on Bandcamp, and on social media, and on the various other means I employ in my perpetual search for music, and Google Chrome is having a shit fit over all the tabs I've got open, so I figured I'd dump a whole bunch of links here so I at least have them stored somewhere safe. My Bookmarks folder is a goddamn wilderness, so Blogspot it is. If you've got an hour or so to kill, I'd recommend combing through the following links - there's gold in them thar urls.
Atmospheric Scottish folk/black
Gnarly Northeastern sludgecore
Austin from Panopticon swears by this. Atmospheric black magic.
Black fucking murder. Formerly Necrite.
Horrible noisy evil. Run by Mike from Loss.
Really good. Doomy, gloomy, black and grim.
Evil Greek black metal.
Primitive one-man blight from Philly.
Droning, hopeless, and bleak as shit. Australia.
Crushing Russian funeral doom.
I don't remember where I found this. It's pretty savage, though. Total death/doom from Detroit.
Just because Cobalt rule live and touring with them was awesome.
Weird neofolky stuff from Spain. Lots of nature sounds and gentle strings.
Fuck yeah, early Mystifier rerelease!
Nasty business from Winnipeg. Manic industrial black hell.
Marry me, Iron Curtain. Viva Espana, viva Motorhead!

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Mike Allan said...

You are pretty much the best.