Friday, April 9, 2010

Pensées Nocturnes Have "News to Spread"

As a writer, I often get unsolicited emails from publicists, promoters, bands, and various industry schmucks (as well as the inheritance-wielding Nigerian bankers we all know and love). Most of the time it's fine, a lot of the time it's annoying (seriously, I DO NOT CARE that Psychostick or Stigma are touring) and once in awhile, it's really fucking cool, and I find myself being introduced to new bands that I'd have otherwise never encountered. This is one of those (read it to yourself in a French accent for extra adorability):

For the release of the second "Pensées Nocturnes" album : "Grotesque", out on March 27th, LADLO Productions propose you an Ultra Limited (yet cheap) “GROTESQUE pack” (CD + T Shirt + Patch). Pensées Nocturnes is a mix of innovative and avant-gardist Black Metal acclaimed by the press.


1 - vulgumpecus
2 - Paria
3 - Rahu
4 - Eros
5 - Monoses
6 - Hel
7 - Thokk
8 - Next

The best part is that I've listened to the record, and it's really good! Very avant-garde, in the "let's incorporate some vague militaristic elements, some gothy clean vocals, keyboards, free jazz, and a whole bunch of other shit and see what sticks" kind of way, with the grime and gloom of black metal smeared all over it. Carnivalesque, in a Sigh sort of way, but imbued with just enough of that eerily eldritch French take on post-rock to appeal to more adventurous fans of Amesoeurs, too. It's a shame that this album won't be given the kind of attention the latest pile of bollocks from Century Media Deathcore Band #7 or Washed-Up Hair Metal Band #47 will be getting from the Twitterverse ; music like this is what keeps metal interesting, and keeps pushing its boundaries past the mouth of hell. So check them out, spread the word, and tell me what you think.

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Bensmasher said...

very cool band, their debut was killer. great news.