Thursday, April 1, 2010

CASTEVET Complete Work On Debut Album

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This band seriously rules. They're from Brooklyn, and may have stolen a sip or two from the same goblet as Krallice, but tackle their sneakily subversive style of black metal with technical ecstasy and post-hardcore catharsis. Definitely going to be one of those bands that people glom onto and start praising to high hell as soon as promos get sent out. Fuck it - I saw 'em at Heart of Winter with a bunch of leather-clad heathens, and have been waiting for the rest of the world to sit up and take notice of 'em ever since.

According to my boy Bruni's website:

Brooklyn, NY’s CASTEVET have completed work on their debut album. Entitled “Mounds Of Ash”, the three-piece have already made quite a reputation in their local scene with their highly praised “Stones/Salts” 7” EP (which sold out pretty much immediately) and their strong live performances respectively.

Like an apocalyptic conjuring, a thrusting into utter darkness, almost coming across as a ritualistic summoning of an amalgamation of VOIVOD, progressive/post hardcore (i.e. RORSCHACH, UNSANE, ANODYNE , a band in which Castevet bassist J. Scott was once a part of coincidentally) and the haunting and disorienting avant-black metal dissonance found in the likes of such acts as VED BUENS ENDE and DEATHSPELL OMEGA, with “Mounds Of Ash” CASTEVET will rise to prominence within the forward-thinking movement of the underground extreme metal scene, one which is comprised by a very select few elite acts, while at the same time standing their own ground within their local scene. This will all come to prominence when "Mounds Of Ash" unleashes itself on May 25th, an album which will also become a sonic harbinger to the downfall of humanity.

With the band seeking to play live and tour as much as possible, tracklisting for “Mounds Of Ash” (which was captured in the Thousand Caves Studios by Colin Marston of KRALLICE) goes as follows:

1. Red Star Sans Chastity
2. Mounds Of Ash
3. Grey Matter
4. Red Aura
5. Stones
6. Wreathed In Smoke
7. Harvester

An MP3 of the track ‘Grey Matter’ can be heard via the MP3 section of Profound Lore's website!

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