Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sadistik Exekution Are Death. Fukk You.

As I was looking over Nasko's answers from a recent Teitanblood interview I'd done for Terrorizer, one set of quotes popped out at me" "We are Death...Fukk you!"

He was referring to both his band's perceived genre, and to a certain bestial classic - Sadistik Exekution's 1994 LP "We Are Death...Fukk You!"

What follows is my favorite Wikipedia entry ever, if only for the fact that the phrase "We Are Death...Fukk You" HAS A FUCKING WIKIPEDIA ENTRY.

We Are Death... Fukk You! is the second album from Australian death metal band Sadistik Exekution. It was released in 1994 on Osmose Productions. The name of the album does not appear on the cover, as the band had intended it to be a self-titled release. However, singer Rok had written the words "we are death... fukk you" on the master tapes in protest against the label's marketing of them as a black metal band. Osmose mistakenly believed that was the title of the album, and released it as such. Drummer Sloth left during the recording, and some drum tracks were recorded by Steve Hoban.
[edit]Track listing

"Suspiral" – 2:44
"Burnt Offering" – 1:51
"Internal Klok" – 4:44
"Mathematikus" – 0:35
"Electrokution" – 2:06
"Lest We Forget" – 2:07
"Evoke War Vomit" – 4:28
"Astral Abortis" – 6:39
"Ipsis Simus" – 4:05
"Hades Valley" – 6:46

Rok - vocals
Dave Slave - bass
Kriss Hades - guitar
Sloth - drums
Steve Hoban - drums



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Musical Warfare said...

The fact that their drummer's name is Sloth is also awesome.