Sunday, October 14, 2007

Upcoming press:

I'll be interviewing NIGHTWISH on Tuesday at the Pilly date of their North Amerian tour wih Paradise Lost. Not too excited about it, but hey - a byline's a byline (same mentality I had when I interviewed As I Lay Dying, hah!)

There are a few things that slipped my mind and need following up on - OM, Explosions in the Sky, Immortal Souls, Winds, Between the Buried and Me, and god knows what the fuck is going on with my Gaahl/Trelldom interview. That one's been a pain from Day 1, and I still haven' gotten it straight yet. Gah!

Upcoming reviews for
Warlust/Pestis split

Upcoming shows:

Tuesday, 10/16 - Nightwish/Paradise Lost
Friday, 10/19 - WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM/Witchcraft
Saturday, 10/20 - Stinking Lizaveta/Birds of Maya --- Sil Veth/The Green Evening Requiem (two shows, one night - I roll deep)
Monday, 10/22 - Explosions in the Sky (possibly. the $50 price tag is pretty unattractive for a band I saw just last year)

That's about it for October, unless something interesting pops up or bars start letting me in with my HI I'M UNDERAGE I.D. Sooo bummed to be missing Weedeater :( Fucking bars. Also, I'm more than likely going to be missing Jesu/Torche, since they're playing Philly the 19th and NC the 20th, and I have other show planned for both days. Here's hoping Broadrick cops out like he did last year, so I don't have to deal with missing the show ;)

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AILD rock, fuck you! <3