Friday, October 12, 2007


Isn't that artwork just gorgeous? We just got the new Elvenking record in at the office, and I picked up a copy due to a hazy recollection of their last album, which I believe I gave a pretty positive review on Pivotal Rage. I remembered them as sounding pretty folky and awesome, but upon my first listen to "The Scythe"...insta-cringe! Where the fuck did those ridiculous power metal vocals come from? Clearly, my memory failed me, and I was dreadfully mistaken about this band's presumed righteousness. Baaah. The artwork is still amazing, though.

I got a lesson in how-to-be-a-merch-girl today from Paula, the main lady behind Candlelight USA (aka my boss). Basically, the trick is to look dumb and rip everyone off as much as humanly possible! Gotta love the music industry, man. \m/

Speaking of Paula, that reminds me - Nightwish/Paradise Lost is coming up next week. She's doing tour production for them and was telling about this awful situation the bands are stuck in - they gave six grand to this guy who was supposed to be driving their van for them, and now, with two days before the tour kicks off, they have yet to hear from him. So they have no money and no van, and a hell of a situation! I've got an interview with Nightwish on the Philly date of the tour, so I'll have to drum up some interest in what those operatic twats have to say. A byline's a byline, man. At least I get to see Paradise Lost for free!

It's getting colder outside. The sky is darker and the wind is beginning to bite. That can only mean one thing...time to break out the really raw shit. There's nothing like listening to Ildjarn's "Forest Poetry" on a freezing night to make you feel like you're alive.

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