Friday, December 28, 2012

BEST OF 2012

I made about a zillion "best of" lists this year. Here they all are in one place.

Metalsuck - top fifteen:

Pitchfork - best albums/songs:

American Aftermath - best demos:

Unhallowed Nation - best ugly death metal records:

More are still waiting to be published, notably Brooklyn Vegan and Burning Ambulance, (or in Cvlt Nation's case, written - whoops) and a few are floating around in print form - Terrorizer, Absolute Underground.

I also lauded Pallbearer's stunning 'Sorrow and Extinction' on Invisible Oranges ( and Pitchfork (

I really just spent all year listening to David Allan Coe and Venom, but, people like lists.

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Scrapyard Magazine said...

I don't get how people expect so many top/best of lists when really, nothing beats classic Venom. :D