Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Straight from CSR Headquarters...

Aksumite has successfully recorded their follow up full length and it was a truly amazing experience. The album was recorded live (bass and vocals overdubbed) totally analog to two-inch tape in one take. No edits, fakery, reverb, or computers were present. The sound you will hear is 100% raw, authentic tubes and tape. Totally analog, 100%. Aksumite is not opposed to digital recording, however they wanted to pay tribute to the rich history of analog recording with their second album. The result is nothing less than stunning. It has surpassed all expectations. An outside engineer was brought in to engineer the sessions (held in his studio). His input and recording expertise (as well as his amazing selection of vintage equipment) was incredibly well appreciated. The album was recorded in five hours and mixed by myself (DAMIANMASTER) and the recording engineer in three hours. Aksumite is currently looking into their mastering options. Look for this release to be available in the early summer. The artwork will be handled by WEEKS (designer and illustrator of the CSR logo). For now, we give you the title and track-listing:


1. Lioness of Gobedra
2, Angel Strike Animal
3. Priory of Aksum
4. Via India
5. Invoke the Spirit Jackal Cloak
6. For the Glory of All Afrika
7. Ezana's Right Hand
8. Ezana's Right Hand (outro)
9. Brazen Ape
10. Islamic Mauraduers
11. Come Alive by Fire
12. The Gilded Goat.

total running time: approx. 25 minutes.

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