Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Canada Arts Connect interview

My friend Natalie has started doing a really wonderful column for Canada Arts Connect Magazine, and asked me to be her first interview subject.

Here's the final result: http://canadaartsconnect.com/magazine/2012/01/girls-dont-like-metal-interviews-grim-kim-kelly/

It's strange when people ask me to do interviews, 'cause I'm just a scribbler with a buncha records when it comes down to it, but it's always really fun. Thanks, Natalie!


Anonymous said...

Dear "Grim" Kim Kelly,

I am an avid reader of all your work. Most recently being your article on MetalSucks "Nuclear War Now". The fluidity in your words is magical and keeps me intrigued every single time I read. For me, it truly is something special to take in when I open an article of yours.

I guess I've never really had a true appreciation for the work put into journalism until I had read your articles.

But to the point: I am a 19 year old high school drop out with no job. Sounds horrible, right? Well there is a reason behind that but I'm not going to waste your time. I was never really one to excel in school, either because I was procrastinating or worrying myself with doodles and changing the song on my mp3 player.

Since then, I had grown up and regretted those wasted years. 2 years ago I had the chance to redeem myself but a false love had taken over and I was left with no time to proceed in my future. So here I am today; I know nothing. Armed with nothing but an extensive knowledge of musical arts, I am frightened for myself. There is still time, but in my situation, things are a lot more difficult.

Either way, you have inspired me to open up a new side to myself. I want to have that power that you hold. The ability to bring an army of metal heads to your attention and hanging off your every word. I understand that journalism doesn't mean you can review a Morbid Angel album and you're instantly in a column in Decibel magazine, but it's one of dreams now thanks to you.

I really just want you to know the impact that you've had on several people around the world. Here in Canada, I cannot get enough of your writing. This is something I'm not going to ponder and proofread simply because I'd like to keep this genuine as possible.

I hope I didn't creep you out or anything and I hope some day/time we can talk further. Thank-you.


Natalie Zed said...

Thank you so much for being my first interview subject, and for being a tough and brilliant woman I admire.

Natalie Zed said...

Thank you so much for being my first interview subject, for interviewing so well, and for being a tough and brilliant woman I admire.