Thursday, September 30, 2010

We Are The Road Crew

Tour's winding down. It's week six, and feels like I've been gone for years. It'll be nice to get home and get a real shower and make dinner and gossip with my roommates and drink cheap whiskey at my favorite spots and catch up on writing. Luckily for my wanderlust, I've got a whole lot more traveling to do before 2011 hits. A few days after I get back to Brooklyn, I'm flying out to Portland for Fall Into Darkness fest, indulging my Cascadian hunger with Fauna, Witch Mountain, Black Cobra, Worm Ouroboros, Krallice, Via Vengeance and more, seeing some dear friends, then turning right back around. One week at home, with Resistant Culture and Wolvserpent gigs included, then heading overseas. a week in London pounding pints and raging at Live Evil fest, Electric Wizard, and Bison BC with the lads, two and a half in Dublin with my sweetheart, a week in Berlin for Nuclear War Now! Fest, a couple days in the studio in Northampton with Amebix to check out the new record and talk business, a couple days back in Ireland with Johnny, then back to NYC on December 1st. The next day I'll more than likely be flying out to meet up with Black Tusk and head out on a two week tour with...(secret super awesome band). After THAT...bedtime.

See y'all on the road.

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Noel said...

man.. so awesome.