Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Recent goings on


I haven't updated this in roughly a thousand years - blame a transcontinental move and the bristling hydra of inconvenience, red tape, and worry that is attempting to graduate from my astronomically-priced private university. Since I last posted, I've sold my soul to Terrorizer Magazine; here's what they've sucked out of me to date:

2-page feature on GORGOROTH (conducted an interview with Infernus at this year's Hole in the Sky Fest in Norway!!!)
4-page COVER feature on Skeletonwitch (December '09 issue - look for it!)
1-page pieces on Secrets of the Moon, Urgehal, Arkona, Leaves' Eyes
2-page History of Mayhem for the Black Metal Special
Small writeups on Krakow, Evil Bebos, Argentinum Astrum
Small memorial piece on Chris Witchunter for Decade Special
A million album reviews (including one of the new IMMORTAL record)
A couple lists of things
Live review of Jesu/Caina in London, Saint Vitus in NYC, Scythian/Grave Miasma in Birmingham
2-page "Extremity in Metal" feature for the Decade Special
+ more things I've forgotten

Currently working on:
2-page feature on Death/Doom for an upcoming Death Metal Special
3-page EYEHATEGOD tour report
3-page Scene Reports: Philly, Richmond, San Francisco
and who knows what else!

I've also cranked out a 3500 word cover piece on Thrash in 2009 for Hails & Horns, as well as two 1000-word Year in Black Metal/Year in Doom wrapups.

After flying out to Antwerp to catch one of their last gigs for the next couple years and bonding hardcore with the lads over Duvell and fries, I'm working with AMEBIX on a super exciting new project - shhh ;)


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