Tuesday, July 7, 2009


LP Version of WOE’s “A Spell for the Death of Man” Available Now!

Philadelphia-based black metal band WOE has announced the official release of the long-awaited LP edition of their debut full-length, A Spell for the Death of Man. A mid-July release is planned as a collaborative effort between Creeping Vine Productions and Woe frontman Chris Grigg's own label, Subvert All Media.

Originally released on CD by American label Stronghold Records in 2008, A Spell for the Death of Man received universally positive reviews, and was hailed as one of the “most important black metal releases in years” by a number of publications.

Written and recorded as a solo project, WOE has since expanded into a full band (featuring members of Woods of Ypres, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, XXX Maniak, The Green Evening Requiem, and Infernal Stronghold), one whose intense live performances have wowed audiences up and down the East Coast and gained legions of new fans with each performance.

With an initial pressing of 500 copies on red wax, the album features entirely new cover art courtesy of artist Justin Miller, whose artwork for the CD version has been described as "the final song" by Grigg, as well as a printed inner sleeve. The music comes straight off of a brand-new master taken from the original HD recording. Commented Grigg, "This is the album I recorded, the album I wanted to hear. This is Woe as it was intended."

WOE's A Spell for the Death of Man LP can be pre-ordered directly from www.woeunholy.com and www.creepingvine.org now. Additionally, a pay-what-you-want, DRM-free, high-res digital version of the CD master (with artwork) is available through www.woeunholy.com. A full stream of the album, live dates, pictures, and live videos can be found at www.myspace.com/woeunholy.

*East Coast fans, mark your calendars - WOE will be playing several Philadelphia shows next month, tearing it up onstage with Bloody Panda, Ludicra, Hammers of Misfortune, Locrian, and T.O.M.B. Check their Myspace for details!


A Spell for the Death of Man is easily 2008's most criminally overlooked album and is quite simply the most important black metal release in years." -metalreview.com/Jordan Campbell

"If a complete stranger or non-metalhead were to come up to me today and ask me, 'What is Black Metal?' I'd give him this record." -teethofthedivine.com/Erik Thomas

"As mentioned, this is one fo the most important works for black metal in America in the present... People, this is what we've been waiting for, the new USBM." -heathenharvest.com/Sage

"It's hard to ask anything more of a debut full-length." -Aquarian Weekly (JJ Koczan)

"In a genre of the mediocre, this will stand above the many as a prime example of how black metal can move across the years and still sound relevant." -liveformetal.com/Crin

"This is just about the most perfect 'brutal' black metal album I have ever heard." -Metalpsalter.com

Slow, brooding, and airy with tortuous, Xasthur-esque shrieks, it is the sonic equivalent to the smolder remains of a massive forest fire." – Blabbermouth

I'm going to add Philadelphia's Woe to the top of the overall list because A Spell for the Death of Man is an awesome album that moves and grooves as much as it slays and kills." – Metal Maniacs

" If Woe are a sign of things to come, we should all be focusing on the Eastern US seaboard with wide-eyed enthusiasm. A Spell for the Death of Man is a strong endeavor and is brilliant as his first full-length. " - Chronicles of Chaos

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