Friday, February 22, 2008

Upcoming press stuff

^Half of Arsis, 3/4 of Goatwhore, Dan, Matt, and I at the bar at Jaxx after the Exodus show. Fucking ridiculous weekend.

Upcoming features for Hails & Horns/AMP =

Hate Eternal
Soilent Green
Paths of Possession
Blood Red Throne
Kingdom of Sorrow
Light this City
In Flames
Earth Crisis
Flogging Molly

Upcoming shows:
2/26 - Zoroaster/Sourvein and/or Dalek/Russian Circles
2/29 - Drop Collective
3/01 - Nile/Unexpect
3/14 - Incantation/Gorephobia/Bereavement
3/15 - Souvenir's Young America/Monolith/Gholas
4/01- Coliseum/Genghis Tron/Baroness
4/04 - Behemoth/Keep of Kalessin

Then there's Maryland Death Fest, the New England Metal & Hardcore Fest, the Disfear tour, the Coffins tour, and Paganfest to look forward to, amongst other things. Awesome.

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