Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Two interviews I am excited for.

So I'm doing an in-person interview with ERIK RUTAN when Hate Eternal comes through Philly on January 18th. He's pretty much a death metal GOD - he played on "Domination," for fuck's sake! AND produced albums from Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore, and Vital Remains (amongst others). He's got a rep for being really intelligent and talented, so here's hoping our chat goes well.

{Hails & Horns Magazine}

I'm also in the process of confirming an interview (probably a phoner, but possibly in-person if I feel like trekking all the way up to NYC) with JARBOE. She's a fucking LEGEND both for her work with Swans (as well as with a plethora of other artists), and for her own solo work. Her collabo with Neurosis is one of the most captivating things I've ever heard, and her work with Swans never fails to blow me away. Her voice...oh god, her voice. It's indescribable. I am SO EXCITED to have a chance to speak with this woman.

{AMP Magazine}

Other upcoming inties:
Light this City

and whatever else catches my eye.

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