Saturday, November 10, 2007

Upcoming press

So I've been ridiculously slack-arsed about updating this thing; blame midterms, work, and being busier than sin in general. Hopefully I'll have more time soon to post in here, 'cause there's a lot going on that could do with documentin'!

For now, some upcoming press stuff:

AMP Magazine feature (possibly a cover!) on Agnostic Front. The interview with Roger Miret went really well - he's a nice, genuine dude with an adorable little daughter and a penchant for emphasizing the importance of being "real."

Hails & Horns features on: Cannibal Corpse, Skeletonwitch, Krohm, Chthonic, Wolves in the Throne Room (double issue)

Metal Review upcoming reviews: Jesu, Dodsferd, Skeletonwitch, Ignitor

RESOUND Magazine features on: Fuck the Facts, Jucifer

Artists on tap for the next H+H: DARKTHRONE's Fenriz (one of only ten interviews, TEN, that they're doing to promote the new album. Talk about a dream come true!!!!), Svartsot, Syrach, Blut Aus Nord, Sear Bliss, Coheed & Cambia, Gojira, Light this City

Articles in progress: Nightwish, inaugural editions of my two new columns (Ravishing Grimness, a black/folk/doom/extreme metal news kind of thing, and an as-yet-unnamed column about what it's like to be a legitimate metal chick) and whatever else I manage to cook up.

Upcoming shows:
11/15 Suffocation/Immolation/Skinless
11/16 Alarm Clark! my buddies' folk punk band
11/17 Behemoth/Gojira (w/ Gojira interview)
11/18 Malevolent Creation/Vader/Cattle Decapitation/Light this City (w/ LTC interview)
11/28 CLUTCH/Coheed & Cambria (w/ C&C interview - only doing it to save admission price into the show, hah!)
12/2 Amon Amarth

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